The SEO Workflow You Should Follow For Your Online Business

The SEO Workflow You Should Follow For Your Online Business

For those looking to get their businesses online and make money there is a specific SEO workflow that you need to follow. For many people, this workflow has worked tremendously and businesses like Digital Current and other phoenix SEO agency pros use them on a daily basis.  Follow this workflow for your next SEO project and share your results.


The first thing that you need to have is a website.  A website is the foundation for any business.  When looking at your website consider it to be a living and breathing business card that can be updated, changed and altered in any way that you see fit.  When you start with a website you have the space and the framework to plug in all of the other components as you see fit.

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A blog is a component to your website where you can write and share information on any topic related to your business or your offerings.  When creating blogs, you will write a post that focuses on a specific topic or piece of information.  Some of the more popular posts are top ten or twenty lists.  Also, adding video and other downloadable content in your blogs are a great way to keep them fresh and interesting.


Once you have your website and your blog up you want to take information that is relevant and create an eBook.  With an eBook you have a larger file where you can go into greater detail about the information and content that you want to discuss.  Also, with an eBook you can utilize sites such as and their massive waves of traffic to bring people to your website.


Finally, you want to work on a video strategy.  Videos are a great way to get fresh content out instantly and in a clear and precise way.  When creating a video, you can utilize YouTube and its massive amounts of traffic in your business.

This is just one core strategy that you can use to build your business online.  From here you can branch out into different areas to generate additional targeted traffic.